Welcome to Our Practice

“There has to be a better way”. This is the statement we have heard with increasing frequency and intensity over the past several years when our patients talk to us about the current illness-based approach to the human body. Pallas Integrative Medicine PC has a different mission. We apply an individualized approach to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. We partner with our patients, using integrative and functional medicine to create an internal and external environment allowing the body’s innate healing capacity to function at peak performance.

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Our Mission

Pallas Integrative Medicine, PC will collaborate with our patients and earn a reputation as skilled, honest and accessible partners in achieving and maintaining their optimal health. We will always listen to what our patients tell us about their bodies. We will seek to build and enhance the spectrum of services and products available to our patients using the best and most current information available. We will continue to actively engage in continuing education for the benefit of our patients.

Our Values

-Recognize the body’s innate healing potential

-Dedicate appropriate time to each patient and their unique needs

-Acknowledge patient individuality to optimize health
-Honor patient’s mind, bodies and spirits, all need to be well for the individual to be well

-Food is medicine and awareness of what we eat is essential for life



Customized Integrative Internal Medicine

· Individualized Internal/Functional Medicine

· Health Optimization Plans

· Inflammatory Marker Testing

· Health & Wellness Coaching

· Chronic Disease Management

· Acute Illness Evaluation & Treatment

· Lifestyle Improvement

· Medical Grade Supplements (Designs for Health)*

Neurofunctional Acupuncture

 · Performance Improvement/ Sports Medicine Acupuncture

 · Pain Management Acupuncture

 · Wellness Acupuncture


· Eclipse Skinfinity Skin Rejuvenation
- fine lines/wrinkles
- acne scars
- skin laxity
- skin texture
- sun damage

· Collagen Induction Therapy
- MicroPen Elite
- Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
- PRP injections
- Hyaluronic acid treatments

· TEPR Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

· Medical Grade Skin Care Products
*extra charge applies

Sports Medicine

· Gait Analysis

· Performance Movement Therapy

· Joint Injections*

· PRP*

· Neurofunctional Taping

· Therapeutic/Diagnostic Ultrasound (coming soon)*
Plantar Fasciiti foot stretching

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis….the words strike fear into the heart of anyone who has suffered from this painful condition. Rolling …